Medical Malpractice

     When you seek professional medical care, you should have a reasonable expectation that you will receive adequate treatment. However, if a physician fails to inform you of those risks and/or makes an error, and you sustain an injury as a result of the procedure, you may have a valid medical malpractice claim.  All medical treatment and procedures have inherent risk.  However, if you received medical treatment which leaves you with injuries or illness that could have been prevented had proper care been administered and standard procedures been followed, you could be entitled to compensation.

       Our firm handles a full range of malpractice claims, including:

           • Prescription errors

           • Misuse of anesthesia

           • Cancer misdiagnosis

           • Cauda equina syndrome

           • Appendicitis misdiagnosis

           • Emergency room errors

           • Epiglottitis malpractice

           • Surgical injury

           • Chiropractic malpractice

           • Dental malpractice

           • Medical Equipment Malfunction

           • Negligence

           • Birth trauma

           • Aortic-Aneurysm Malpractice

           • Aortic Dissection Malpractice

           • Radiology error

           • Psychiatric Malpractice

     If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, you have three years to bring a claim from the date of the injury or the date that you first became aware of the illness or injury. Our medical malpractice lawyers provide no-cost, no-obligation consultations at your convenience because delay can affect the success of your claim.  After any medical procedure, you are likely focused on health and recovery. As a victim of medical malpractice, your recovery could be more extensive and costly than originally expected. Health care is expensive even when correctly administered, so the setbacks of a medical malpractice injury can seriously disrupt your finances. We will help you secure the financial compensation you deserve and start getting your personal and professional life back to normal. If you have suffered pain, injury, loss of work and consortium, and other damages as a result of the recklessness or negligence of a medical provider, it is crucial that you act quickly. Call us now for a free case evaluation.