Sex Crimes

     We believe everyone charged with a crime has a right to a vigorous defense and will do everything in our power to protect your record, rights and freedom against serious sex crime allegations such as:

          • Possession of child pornography

          • Sexual assault/sexual abuse

          • Internet/online solicitation

          • Indecent exposure

          • Solicitation

    Some sex cases are highly complex and involve challenges to DNA and other forensic evidence. Other cases hinge on the testimony of biased witnesses, unreliable victim statements or unqualified investigators. Whatever the particular circumstances of the case, we build the strongest defense possible to protect your rights and freedom.

     Sex crime allegations not only expose you to a long prison sentence, but also sex offender registration obligations, and a long-term stigma that can hurt you and your family for many years. Prosecutors take sex crimes very seriously and work tirelessly for convictions.  We know how serious sex crime charges are and how they can and do affect you. Consequently, we carefully scrutinize each and every allegation. Our experience in successfully defending these cases will make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.