Personal Injury

     Personal injury is the legal term for when someone or something else causes you bodily harm. A common example is a car accident where a few days later you can hardly move your head due to severe neck pain. Medical malpractice can include a doctor’s misdiagnosis of a “minor bump on the head” but later you begin to show symptoms of traumatic brain injury.  Slips and falls, or premises liability claims, often involve injuries sustained because another person or organization failed to provide the injured party with a reasonable standard of care. Defective products that are unsafe and cause you harm are another example of personal injury cases. Personal injury can also include nursing home abuse. There’s no limit to the ways in which a person can be injured, and many cases include more than one defendant. In the most tragic cases, individuals may die as a result of their injuries, which can be grounds for a wrongful death claim.  Our experienced injury lawyers will be able to assist you in the event you elect to pursue legal action, regardless of the type of injury you have suffered.

     In all personal injury cases, we receive our attorneys fees only after you receive your cash settlement. You are never responsible for any fees we provide you with a cash settlement.  Since our fees are a percentage of your cash settlement, it is in both of our best interests to obtain the highest cash settlement we possibly can.  As a result, we settle 99% of our cases short of trial so you can receive the most amount of money in a reasonable period of time. Should your case go to trial, we will out prepare the other side each and every time to get you the settlement you deserve.  Our attorneys have strong working relationships with the courts at all levels, and understand the policies and practices of the various jurisdictions.  That means that we are well-suited to pursue a wide variety of personal injury cases and seek an array of optimal results, such as avoiding a lengthy trial and pushing for a settlement, or fighting for civil justice in a courtroom.   Our attorneys will always do what is best for our clients and are committed to ensuring those responsible for causing serious harm are held accountable.  This benefits not only our clients, but our whole community.