Criminal Cases

   The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen the right to effective assistance of counsel. We believe every citizen accused of a criminal offense is entitled to the best defense possible and work hard to do so.  As a result, we represent clients in criminal cases in state and federal courts throughout the U.S and have offices in Illinois, Florida and California. We are highly experienced in all areas of defending criminal cases, including initial police investigations, time of arrest, bond hearings, preliminary hearings, pretrial discovery, motions, bench and jury trials and appeals. We have worked very hard to build a national reputation of successfully representing our clients charged with criminal offenses. We are constantly reading the latest cases, scientific literature, legal treaties and articles in all areas of criminal law from across the country to keep ourselves current.  

     We vigorously defend all of the following charges:

            • DUI (alcohol and drug)

            • Traffic Offenses

            • Misdemeanors

            • Felonies

            • Violent Crimes

            • Assault and Battery

            • Kidnapping

            • Manslaughter/Murder

            • Drugs

            • Sex

            • Kidnapping

            • Domestic Violence

            • Shoplifting/Theft

            • Guns and Weapons

            • Juvenile

            • Violations of Probation

            • White Collar

            • Expungements, Sealing and Appeals

            • Federal Charges

      We understand every case is different and every client has unique needs.  This allows us to formulate a tailored approach to your case to provide with diligence, thorough preparation, the highest ethical standards, pride, integrity and skill to protect your rights and freedom.